Whether you have no proof of ownership or have no whereabouts of your vehicle, you need to acquire a bonded title to secure your investment. It buffers the proper owner against a title applicant who may claim your vehicle unethically. This means you will be able to file a claim against the bond to receive compensation. Is the bonded title similar to the original title? Yes, it is! But there is a difference. A surety bond is incorporated in the bonded title.

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Looking For Auto Insurance? Know About The Georgia Title Bond!

Facts about surety bonds in a nutshell:

  • What is the bond title amount?

It should be twice the vehicle’s average retail value and can be $5000 at minimum.

  • Does everyone need it? 

No! Only those who lack full proof of their vehicle ownership or whose vehicles are missing.

  • Why did the State enact the title bond? 

To prevent vehicle owners from suffering at the hands of fraudulent title applicants and losing their money.

  • What is the body regulating the title bonds in Georgia?

The Georgia Department of Revenue


Wish To Obtain Your Bonded Title In Georgia?

The process is actually simpler than most people think. We outline it below:

  1. Establish if you qualify for the bonded title

You can establish your eligibility by getting in touch with the Georgia Department of Revenue. They will also help out with other questions you may have about the title and the application process. You can only receive a bond title if:

  • You are legally a resident of Georgia
  • The vehicle in question has a Georgia title
  • The vehicle is not an abandoned one
  • The vehicle’s model year is between 1986 to present (Vehicles with the 1985 model year or lower don’t qualify)
  • The vehicle should be worth a minimum of $2500, as established by the Georgia Department of Revenue. This usually depends on the average retail value. You can call their offices for the information.
  1. Fill in your title application form as required

The form must be completed as stipulated for a successful application. It incorporates the information about the car, owner, seller, lienholder, and more.

  1. Acquire your title bond

You will work closely with a bonding company to secure a bond worth twice the car’s average retail value (as established by the Georgia Department of Revenue). The bond should be accompanied by a form signed and completed by witnesses. Keep in mind that you should turn in your completed application no later than six months after the bond’s issue date.

  1. Go online to complete the Affidavit Supporting Certificate Form

The form is available online, making it easily accessible. Still, ensure you complete this form using the same name you provided in the bond application documents. This is followed by the notarization of the signatures provided.

  1. Secure a vehicle inspection

A Georgia Law Enforcement officer will inspect your vehicle and fill in the certification of the inspection form. If your car is missing plates, you may require another form.

  1. Obtain The Current Title of the Record report

You should include the current title of record report and the State in which it was issued as stipulated by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System or any other system authorized by the Office of the State Revenue Commissioner. If it is discovered that the record title is from another state, the application should also incorporate a certified title history from that State.

Once you have completed and compiled the above documents, send them with any other copy that supports your proof of ownership.


How Do You Determine The Bond Amount?

In simple terms, the bond amount must be equal to twice the amount of the car’s retail value. It can’t be less than $5000.


Can I Purchase A Surety Bond?

Yes, you can! Once you establish a bond amount, you can contact an insurance company, ensuring they meet GA insurance requirements to purchase your certificate of title bond.


Is A Credit Check Needed for A Lost Title Bond?

Surety firms can only conduct a credit check for bonds that are more than $25000. Following this rule, they can review the applicant’s credit situation to establish if they qualify for the bond. Applicants with poor credit history may be subject to higher rates for more significant bond amounts.


What Is The Cost Of The Georgia Lost Title Bond?

On average, it costs either $100 or 1.5% of the bond amount. However, these rates may vary with bonds over $25000.


Who Can Purchase The Bond?

  • Those with vehicles that have never been titled or the applicant never received the title.
  • If the seller or previous owner never titled the vehicle.
  • The title is within the applicant’s possession but contains errors regarding the title transfer.
  • The applicant, who is not a bonded agent, buys an abandoned vehicle.


How Can Applicants Apply For A Bond?

Georgia bonded title applicants must submit the completed form to the local county tag office. This normally includes a power of attorney. The lost title surety bond needs signatures from a surety company issuing the bond and the bonded title applicant.


What Are The GA Insurance Coverage For Bonded Title Applicants?

All vehicle owners must meet the GA insurance requirements of $25000 per person, per accident, and property damage when an accident occurs.

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