Yes. Auto insurance settlements can be expensive but not all the time. Some factors will affect the cost of your insurance such as the state you live in and the type of motorcycle among others.

Motorcycle insurance, whether cheap or expensive, is generally a good idea as it not only covers the rider but also their lifestyle, assets, and family after an accident. Through motorcycle insurance, you’ll be able to get your auto insurance settlements.

Auto insurance settlements are the finances that a motorcycle rider receives after claiming financial support from your insurance company after an accident. As you will be filling your auto insurance claim questions like “Is my settlement taxable?” or” Does settlement money get taxed?” will come up.

You should hire our insurance consultant company which will help you in answering these tax questions. However, note that personal injury settlements are tax-free when you as a rider are compensated for physical sickness or injury.

But first…


What Is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is similar to auto insurance but it’s limited to motorcycles. There are basic policies found under motorcycle insurance such as:

Liability insurance: this policy covers property damage and bodily injury that you cause to others in case of an accident.

Comprehensive collision insurance: this policy helps to pay for your motorcycle’s damages regardless of whether you were at fault or not.

Uninsured motorists coverage: this policy helps to protect your motorcycle if another motorist is to blame for your motorcycle damages and they can’t afford to repair it.

Guest passenger liability: this helps to pay for injuries that your passengers sustain after an accident.

Despite having medical insurance you can still purchase personal injury protection (PIP) that will help to pay for injuries after a motorcycle accident.

Lastly, there is the motorcycle accessories, modifications, and parts coverage. If you have a high-value motorcycle consider purchasing this policy. It helps pay for rare, unique, and expensive parts that may be hard to replace after being damaged.


Is Motorcycle Insurance Required?

Most states will require you to insure your motorcycle, you should at least have liability insurance. There are a few states that won’t require you to have motorcycle insurance like Michigan, Montana, Hawaii, and Hampshire. However, these states still recommend that motorcycle riders purchase insurance.

Motorcycle insurance is helpful for you and your bike. It will save you from falling into serious debt caused by liability payouts. Insuring your motorcycle keeps you prepared for the unexpected you won’t have to use your assets and money to pay for damages or injuries. Also through this insurance, you’ll be able to access auto insurance settlements or personal injury settlements.


Factors That Affect Motorcycle Insurance Cost

Amount Of Motorcycle Coverage And Limits

Motorcycle insurance coverage is higher when you purchase more covers. If you purchase the lowest liability insurance automatically your premiums will be below.

This however doesn’t mean you purchase the cheapest insurance. It’s advisable to purchase more insurance coverage for high-level protection from your insurance company.


The state you live in will affect the cost of your motorcycle in two ways. Every state has its specific laws that apply to motorcycle insurance. Higher coverage costs more hence if you reside in a state that requires you to have different coverage types your policy will be expensive.

Also, the weather is usually considered during motorcycle insurance. If you reside in a state that often experiences harsh winters your bike may be in storage most times. This situation may result in you purchasing lower premium insurance since you frequently ride the bike hence your liability is lower.

Driver Factors

A driver is the primary determinant of the motorcycle risk level. An insurer will come up with premium insurance costs after evaluating your likelihood to cause a crash.

If your motorcycle has more than one rider ensure they are listed on your cover. This is because, in case of an accident, your insurer will not cover the claim if the rider isn’t insured under your policy.


Insurers factor in an age when considering a driver’s risk level. If you’re a young driver the insurer will consider you as a high-level risk as they assume you don’t have enough experience. Likewise, if you’re over 70years, you’ll also be considered a high-risk client because of health concerns.

Accident And Claim History

Your insurance premiums are likely to rise after you submit a motorcycle claim. Every accident you report to an insurer will increase your premiums as the insurer will categorize you as a high risk.

When your insurance history has many claims it will result in a high cost of motorcycle insurance. Therefore if you don’t want your motorcycle insurance rates to rise, avoid reporting minor accidents to your insurance company.


Is Motorcycle Insurance Expensive?

It depends. Motorcycle insurance can be affordable or expensive depending on the type and amount of coverage you choose for your motorcycle. If you purchase more coverage your insurance will be expensive and vice versa.

Also, the cost of a motorcycle will vary depending on your state, for example, some expensive states include Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, and Louisiana. States with affordable motorcycle insurance include North and South Dakota and Vermont.

There is also the option of seeking discounts for your motorcycle insurance, it may need some extra work however they will reduce the annual cost of your insurance. Some moves to save on insurance costs include

  • joining an owners’ group,
  • shopping around for suitable coverage,
  • and taking bike safety classes.

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