Road mishaps can result in thousands, if not millions, of losses for both large fleets and small business owners. But there is good news! Commercial auto insurance covers for liability of damage during any work-related activities. This could be the transportation of goods or passengers or employees who drive for business meetings.

Wish to apply for auto insurance in Georgia? Georgia State Auto Insurance has you covered with seamless processes for the application and compensation. We work closely with you to provide comprehensive coverage with the best advice on what will work for you and your business. Without a doubt, you get great value for your money!


Look No Further For Auto Insurance In Georgia!

We take a keen interest in your needs and circumstances for coverage that will take care of the problems along the road and get you back en route as soon as possible!


What Our Policies Cover For

  • Property damage coverage

Accidents may result in extensive damage. It covers any harm caused by your vehicle on another person’s property. And depending on the policy’s limits, you may be given a legal defense team.

  • Bodily injury coverage

When the unforeseeable happens and results in bodily injury or death, it offers compensation that extends to the legal fees if you are at fault.

  • Medical payments coverage (no-fault and personal injury coverage)

This policy covers the medical expenses of the driver and those on board during an accident. This is in no regard to who is at fault.

  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage

As the name suggests, it pays for any damage to your vehicle. This is following theft, vandalism, fire, flood, and other circumstances specified in the policy.

  • Collision coverage

It compensates for damage from your business vehicle hitting or being hit by another object or car.

  • Uninsured motorist coverage

It indemnifies you for injuries and, to some level, property damage generated by an uninsured, improperly insured, or hit-and-run driver.

  • Rental reimbursement

This coverage applies to rental vehicles but with specific limits when a mishap causes damage to your insured vehicle.

Have any questions about our policies? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and our staff will be more than happy to help.


How Does GA Insurance Coverage Work?

Generally, these policies cover vehicles used in the operation of your business and the driver. Therefore, when you or your driver causes an accident that leads to injury or property damage, the other party can file a claim on your policy and apply for a lawsuit against your team. Your auto insurance will cover the damage costs, but only up to the limit. The insurance may also cover the defense team fees in an accident-related lawsuit.


Do Commercial Policies Cover For Personal Use?

Using your business vehicle for personal endeavors is generally covered in the policy. However, there are rules for family coverage if they are not your drivers. We can take you through the additional coverage that should extend to your family members.


What Are The GA Insurance Requirements?

Once you’re ready to apply for your coverage, we take the time to understand how your business works and the frequency of vehicle operations to establish optimal coverage at a great price. We will also be there at every step so that when accidents happen, we help you understand the claims and compensation processes. Our clients can undoubtedly enjoy maximum coverage without duplications that waste your money!


How Do We Calculate The Policy Cost?

Various elements come into play to determine the policy costs. These include:

  • Size of your company
  • Number and types of insured vehicles
  • Number of employees operating the insured vehicles
  • Risks involved


Does My Auto Insurance Cover Trailers?

It depends. The trailer is automatically covered if the gross vehicle weight is less than 2000 pounds. However, you will still need to include it in the policy for coverage during theft or damage. You will only be covered with more than one axle or anything over 2000 pounds of gross weight if you incorporate it in the policy.


Why Choose Georgia State Auto Insurance?

When your vehicles are your business moneymaker, a lot of precision is required in choosing the auto insurance company that will cater to your needs. Your investment and continuity of business in difficult times depend on it. So, why choose us as your insurance partner?


Customer-Friendly Insurance Products

Our coverages go beyond covering your liability. Our clients choose from a wide array of insurance products for what works best for their businesses. Our policies consider even minor details like whether your car is new or old and offer more like rental reimbursement.


Top-Notch Customer Services

We ensure our customer services are the best you will find anywhere. We understand how accidents can put a hold on your business activities. That’s why we provide quick assistance to any inquiries and concerns you may have. We never compromise customer satisfaction, and you can rest assured that it’s a priority. Even when an accident occurs, we can provide you with means of transportation to safety before handling the accident assessment and claims processing.


State-Of-The-Art Technology

It’s a world of tech, and we enhance our customers’ lives with the latest technology available. You can relish the best insurance services, from accident tracking software to other safety and convenient essentials.


We Keep Up With Developments In The Insurance Industry…

So you don’t have to! Coverage products are improved and altered every day, and we have our eyes and ears on the industry to educate our clients on what they need. At the first sit-down with our staff, we present all your options, listing their advantages and disadvantages for informed decision-making. We even offer a worthwhile combination of coverages that suit your requirements.


High-Quality Policies At Great Value

With us, fair prices don’t mean compromising on other coverages and services. We ensure what your policy covers is exactly what you need. Besides, we provide accurate estimates and the components covered to know what you are putting yourself into.


Get in touch with us!

Ideally, we wouldn’t have to experience accidents and other unexpected occurrences on the road. It makes financial sense to get the insurance that’s there for you when you need it! Georgia State Auto Insurance is your go-to place for auto insurance that is a great value for your money. Our exceptional customer services and invaluable insurance products have given us a good reputation in the state. We also have the resources and finances to handle your claims at your convenience. Join our happy clients today for less disruption to your business when mishaps happen!