No one plans to have a car accident or even get injured in one, and they are typically caught unprepared and think that having car insurance in Georgia is enough, but that is not true. Whether you’ve had a major or minor car accident, you will need to take some steps to receive the kind of compensation you deserve.

Steps to Follow If You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Start by immediately calling 911

This is common sense, but sometimes when you have been in an accident, you may forget. A car crash can quickly leave you injured, and you must summon help immediately. Your auto insurance in Georgia should also be on the scene.

The tricky part is that you may not feel the injury, and some auto accidents injuries may take a few hours before they manifest.

This is why calling 911 is a must.

Secure the scene

Get rid of any vehicles from the road that may cause a hazard for other drivers, especially if you are on the highway.

If possible, take some photos of the scene before doing this so you can use them when needed to show evidence of the car accident. However, remember to be safe at all times. Good auto insurance in Georgia can also secure the scene on your behalf.

Exchange information

If you have had a head-on collision or more than just your vehicle was involved in the minor car accident, you will have to ensure that you have exchanged information with the other driver, and this should be on the police report as well.

Document everything

If you are not severely injured, you should take time to thoroughly document the entire accident scene and take pictures and notes if possible.

Cooperate with law enforcement

When the police arrive, ensure to cooperate with them and answer all of their questions about the car crash. This is extremely important.

Seek medical attention

Even if you feel that everything is okay, you MUST see a doctor and get treatment, even for shock. This is the first step and should be taken seriously.

Injuries such as whiplash, concussions, or internal bleeding are not usually immediately obvious, and prompt treatment is necessary to diagnose these conditions and start treatment.

Contact your insurer

Contact your auto insurance in Georgia immediately, either at the scene of the car accident or after you get home. You may need to provide all of the details you collected at the car crash and any other documents they may require to help you with your car.

The best full coverage; liability coverage is the best option when it comes to car accidents.

Speak to an attorney

It is highly recommended to speak to an attorney after you’ve been in a car accident as soon as you can. They will help evaluate your case and educate you on your rights.

In some cases, the other driver may have been at fault, or the car manufacturing company, or you could be at fault yourself, and you may be needing legal representation.