Commercial auto insurance refers to an insurance cover that covers commercial cars, or cars used for business in one way or another for comprehensive coverage in case of an accident.

If you have a personal cover for a business vehicle, you might want to reconsider and take a commercial insurance cover instead.

However, how do you know whether or not you need a commercial auto insurance policy? Remember that if you use it for business, then you need a commercial car insurance policy.


Why You Should Have A Commercial Car Insurance Cover

Wide Coverage

Commercial insurance covers the driver of the car and the damages to the car, other people in the accident, and damaged properties. This category of car insurance covers a broader range of risks and costs than other insurance covers.


Reduced Repair Costs

Under commercial auto insurance, you forego any repair cost to the damage caused to another car in a collision. The insurance company will cater to all the costs regarding involved cars, damaged property, and injured persons.


Be On The Right Side Of The Law

It is illegal to operate a business car under a personal insurance cover in Georgia. In fact, if you are caught in this mistake, you can lose your license or have to pay high fines. Stay safe with a commercial car insurance cover.


Do You Need Commercial Car Insurance?

Well, it depends. Sometimes it can be confusing to figure out who needs commercial insurance, especially if you use your car for personal and commercial use. Should you use a personal car insurance cover or a commercial auto insurance cover?

You need to get a commercial insurance cover if


You Have Your Car Registered In A Company Name

If you have registered your car under your company name, it qualifies for commercial car insurance. Whether you bought it for personal use or your car is not used for any of the company’s errands, you need to have it under commercial auto insurance coverage.


You Use Your Car For Commercial Transport Services

If your car brings in revenue in any way or to any extent, you need to have it under commercial insurance. Therefore, if you have a car that you use for uber, it is considered a business car in the hours it is an uber.


You Let Your Employees Drive Your Car

You want to relieve yourself of any blame and liability as possible. Do this by covering your car under commercial insurance if your employees drive it. This car insurance covers the driver, car, property, and other people at the accident scene.

It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to maintaining zero liability.


Get Your Commercial Car Insurance Quote In Georgia!

If you operate a business car in Georgia, visit your trusted insurance company to enjoy the benefits of a commercial auto insurance policy.