Can You Claim Auto Insurance?

Yes. Depending on your insurance cover, your auto insurance company will compensate you for your loss in case of an accident if you follow the right steps.

If you have an insurance policy with an auto insurance company, you can claim compensation for any losses you incur. The auto insurance company insures you and your car against risks such as accidents.

If the risk against which you have insured your vehicle occurs, you can file a policy claim for any losses. You do this by filing a claim, and if it aligns with the terms of the policy, you receive compensation.

This process of claiming compensation for any damages or losses you incur during an accident is an auto insurance claim.


When Should You Make Auto Insurance Claims?

Insuring against risks like accidents for your vehicle does not guarantee that you are eligible to claim the incurred damage. Accidents include road accidents where you collide with another vehicle, or where a foreign body damages your car.

The question of whether or not you are eligible for compensation is highly dependent on the type of cover you have for your car. Some covers protect you, while others protect your passengers, and other road users or drivers.


When Should You File Policy Claims

Not all situations call for insurance claims. However, always file insurance claims if there are casualties. In case someone is hurt or dies, you should file a claim.

Also, file a claim if you are involved in an accident with a driver and none of you is sure about who is at fault.

You should also file a claim if an object falls on your car and causes damage to it. However, this only applies if your auto insurance policy covers it ( If you have a comprehensive cover).

How Do You Make Auto Insurance Claims?

Even before making a claim, if you’ve been in an accident, the first step is to stop, get to safety, then call 911 to report the accident, and even more especially if there are casualties or fatalities. A police report is necessary when filing a claim.

When an accident happens, ensure that you gather all the necessary information to increase your chances of receiving compensation. Having detailed information about the accident helps in auto insurance claims.

Ensure that you have details about the people involved in the accident; their number, names, and how it happened.

Additionally, a police report about the accident is also a requirement while filing an auto insurance claim. The police report indicates details of the accident, such as who is at fault. Such information helps the auto insurance company determine your eligibility for compensation.

What Happens Next After Submitting a Claim? 

Once you file a claim, the insurance company investigates to determine whether or not you will receive compensation.

There is a lot to consider in this decision, such as who is at fault, the value of the car as well as the cost of repairs. All these considerations lead to the decision of whether the auto insurance company will pay for the damages or replace the car depending on its value.

After filing your claim, ensure you track the progress of the claim using the allocated claim number.