Watercraft & Boat Insurance

Watercraft & Boat Insurance From The Best Insurance Company in Georgia

When you purchase that sweet watercraft vessel, you want to make sure your investment is protected so that you can fully enjoy it. Choose Georgia State Auto Insurance to be the insurance company in Georgia that has your back.

Boats are a great way to navigate the waters- from a calming fishing trip to longer voyages across the sea. Extract full enjoyment from the waters knowing we’ve got you covered.


Why You Should Get Boat Insurance

Although there is no law in the state of Georgia requiring boat insurance, it would still be highly advantageous to get it. Accidents such as fires and injuries can occur at any time and you want to make sure you can take the fallout head-on.

Getting insurance for your watercraft vessel provides you with a fallback that protects your property and the people who interact with it.

Types of Boat Insurance for Watercrafts and Boats

Should you choose to take the step forward and take boat insurance, you should know about the two basic policies you can pick from the agreed value and actual cash value.

The factor separating these policies is depreciation. With agreed value, your boat is covered based on its value at the time you are purchasing the coverage and does not account for depreciation. It is the more expensive option of the two.

Actual cash value on the other hand covers your boat based on its value at the time it is declared a loss- whether total or partial. This takes into account the depreciation of your boat’s value over time.

With older vessels, the actual cash value is the only option on offer depending on the age.

What Does Watercraft & Boat Insurance Cover?

Typical boat insurance coverages include:

Property coverage: Insurance helps in payment for damage to your boat if you get into an accident involving another boater, the docks, or a pier. Theft of your boat is also usually covered.

Medical coverage: Insurance will help pay the medical bills and funeral expenses for you and anyone who is on your boat if there is an injury in an accident.

Liability coverage: Insurance will help pay for damage your boat causes to someone else’s property e.g. damage to another person’s boat, or injury to someone else. Should you be sued for a problem covered in the policy, liability insurance can also help with legal fees.

Uninsured watercraft coverage: Insurance will help pay for medical bills if a boater who is uninsured crashes into your boat.

Some Factors To Consider When Acquiring Boat Insurance

Contemplate the following which tends to determine the boat insurance rate you can get for your boat: 

  • The boat’s value, its dimensions (length), the type of boat it is (yacht, sailboat, fishing boat), and the type of engine it has. 
  • Where the boat is going to be anchored and where it is going to be used. 
  • Your experience in operating a boat: Whether you have formal training and certification.
  • Ownership record.

You can save on costs if you bundle your boat’s insurance with vehicle insurance– we happen to offer amazing auto insurance services. 

You have your boat, you have some information on insuring it, and you have an insurance company in Georgia who can help. Contact Georgia State Auto Insurance to get you started.