General Liability for Businesses and Workers Comp

Choose The Best Insurance Company In Georgia

It’s always a good idea to make certain your business is adequately covered in case of an unfortunate incident. This is where general liability and worker compensation insurance come in. Trust Georgia State Auto Insurance as the insurance company in Georgia for you.

We have 10 years’ worth of experience under our belt- so you can trust our expertise- and we offer excellent customer service to those who choose to work with us.


Worker’s Compensation

The state of Georgia (GA) actually requires, by law, that all companies with three or more employees should have worker compensation insurance. Well, here’s a GA insurance company to your rescue.

Think about it, your employees are the essential cogs turning so that the wheel that is your business can turn efficiently. Your organization will be better off if the workers know they are well-protected should an accident occur in the workplace.

In case your employee gets injured while operating a company vehicle, not only would they be covered, but we also offer extensive auto insurance services. Your vehicles are in capable hands with us.

Be it illness, injury, or even death that befall the employees at your business, you can rest assured that we have you covered. We also have very fair rates that vary with the relative risks of each business.

General Liability

Accidents and other ill-fated developments can also spill over to third parties who may simply be at the wrong place at the wrong time. This could be a random person passing by or even a loyal customer who falls upon some bad luck from interacting with your business.

Let’s say your sign falls and damages a parked vehicle or even that one of your employees damages a client’s vehicle while handling it. Let us be your safety net in covering the vehicle insurance should there be claims for property damage.

Third-Party Liability

Of course, we are not only concerned with property. Third parties who may be injured in your day-to-day operations are also heavily considered and amply covered as well.

Furthermore, should you find your company in a complicated case legally (copyright infringement, slander, libel), we can assist with your defense costs.

An accident or mistake shouldn’t be a reason for you to sweat it out with your business. Your investment and reputation are more secured when you trust us to provide your general liability insurance.

Georgia State Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance needs are guaranteed for satisfaction when you trust our company to have your back. No need to look any further, Georgia State Auto Insurance is the insurance company in Georgia that has your back.

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